Transforming crypto-mining rigs into stable predictable cash flow generators

what is serention?

How It Works

We’ve developed a methodology that hedges the BTC price and hash rate exposures of rig-generated cash flows by: (1) conceiving of rigs as call options on BTC price, (2) using options theory to offset price exposure (e.g. delta hedging), and (3) offloading floating hash rate exposure through a novel BTC-denominated DeFi swap market that settles against an oracle-calculated daily index



Decentralized Hash Rate Market

By offering BTC owners already using Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications a compelling return, we will secure the fixed payer side of the swap.

Cash Flow Hedging Service

We apply commonly used options hedging concepts to rig BTC-denominated cash flow streams to smooth them out in USD-denominated terms.

Proof-Of-Concept Hedged Miner

We will employ our own hedging methodology to a small fleet of rigs and publish the results to prove the concept to the broader crypto mining community.


Centralized Lending Platform

By stabilizing rig-generated cash flows, we can facilitate capital deployment (both debt financings and equity investments) into the mining sector.

SERENTION strengths

Core Competencies

Markets Expertise

The founders have years of experience at top-tier firms, including in traditional finance and at a miner lending company.

Mining Knowledge

Both founders were intimately involved with underwriting, originating, and servicing over $100MM of llens to miners.

Quantamental Approach

By marrying prediction models with modern hedging practices, we believe we can facilitate valuation multiple expansion for miners.


Business Intelligence

To help educate industry participants, we publish cutting edge research and blog posts.


The Timeline


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